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K-Mart this Week & Another Use for Snuggle

July 4th, 2010 at 04:59 pm

K-Mart this week is doubling the first 5 coupons of up to $2. So, for me that means, free Visine for the troops ($2.00+1.99=3.99,no tax). You have to use your Rewards card and can only double 5 coupons per day. But, I have enough coupons for 7 days X 5 coupons = 35 free Visine. The problem is they don't stock 35 Visine. Even using 2 stores, I won't get 35.

RiteAid is my favorite drugstore. I am about 300 points away from getting 20% off storewide in Riteaid. I now get 10% and I qualified for a free health screening. Its blood testing, I think, thru Quest Diagnostics. And, lucky me, they just opened a branch 8 miles from my house. I wasn't going to travel 30 minutes out of my way. The local Health Fair charges $35. Its free thru my health care, but only when justified.

I had a nasty reaction to the prescribed medicine from the Allergist. Don't laugh, but it gave me puffy eyelids and a black eye. Also, I slept 12-15hrs a day. I am definitely back on Claratin.

A strange, but true, idea. If you suffer during these hot days from wet feet (soaking your shoes with sweat) just put snuggle fabric sheets in your shoes to absorb the moisture. I guess, half a sheet would be enough. They taught my son this during desert training. Who would have thought!@#? He walked by my stock of snuggle, stopped and said send these to the grunts (infantry Marines). If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

Recipes - Laundry Softner/DW Rinse

July 1st, 2010 at 08:33 pm

Dishwasher Rinse to prevent mineral deposits -

Fill with vinegar.

Laundry Softner -
3c vinegar
2c Hair conditioner
6c water

Put the ingredients in your softner jug. Shake to mix. If you like dryer sheets, just soak an old t-shirt (torn to wash cloth sizes) in the mix and then add to dryer with clothes. Credit for recipe to: 4hatsandfrugal.com

Putting this here for others and so I won't forget where it is. I usually just add vinegar on its own to rinse cycle of the washer. I could add a drop or two of hair conditioner to see the results.

Over Reaction & Conversion to Cash

June 28th, 2010 at 10:53 pm

Okay, so the allergist visit wasn't so bad. They use something now that feels like a comb pressing on you. I reacted to just about everything. No big surprise there. The Dr. gave me 2 prescriptions and sent me on my way. He did say that allergies can get worse when a woman is peri-menopausal.

I have to use CVS/Caremark if I want to get the best price on medicines. I get a 3mo. supply for $15. So, I spent $30 for the 2 prescriptions.

I used my HFS card. It increases my savings by letting my use pretax dollars to buy approved items. I just give them the credit card I get at the beginning of the year, until all the money is spent. Thats the tricky part, or at least it was in the past. Now I can sign into my account and know exactly how much I have left. I only put in the minimum of $125 this year. I guess I will up that amount for next year. I just have to save my receipts.

While at CVS, I got a raincheck for the Schick razor deal. Spend $20 get a 10ECBs. Hopefully, they will get more in stock soon. I do like the flexibility to do the deal at anytime that a raincheck give. I have until the end of July when my $5 off coupons expire.

I did the JF deal 2x today. I spent one of my 10+ups to get SCRs and products. That turns my Ups into a rebate check. Things didn't go quite as I planned, so I will only get $2.50 after oop expenses instead of $6.50. I did get the tube of athlete foot cream I wanted for the Troops. You win some, you lose some.

Tomorrow, I plan to purchase $25 of Aveeno products. I will use one of my 10+ups to pay for it, plus MQ and RA coupons. In return I will get a $10 gift card from Riteaid. This will makes purchases more flexible. And, there is a $10 Aveeno Mail In Rebate. (rebate form is at Aveeno.com) Buy $25 in one purchase and get a $10 rebate check. Like the SCR it will help me turn my +up into cash. I should have only tax + maybe $1 oop. Plus I get 3 good products to use or gift. A good opportunity all around.

Good thing tomorrow is Tuesday. I've accummulated alot of items for the Food Pantry. RiteAid and CVS have Stayfree BOGO this week. I have lots of $2MQ and BOGO to make it free and with no tax on those products, I do mean free.

Had to Do the Deal

June 27th, 2010 at 06:46 pm

The air quality in Southern Maryland is horrible. The temps have been in the mid 90's, the humidity you can cut with a knife, and without Claritin and Benedryl I just can't breathe well.

How do I know this when I'm supposed to be staying inside? Well, I just had to do the Crest Whitestrips and John Frieda deal at Riteaid. It was a total success. And, Foodlion is next door, almost, so I had to stop and get free pasta and cheese.

I went into RiteAid with 21+up to spend and walked out with 28+ups to spend, plus the Crest/JF/Carefree Ultra. Oop was tax of $1.81. I have enough coupons to do the deal for JF 3 more times. After tax it is a $7 MM. I'll go again after I visit the torture chamber, oh, I mean the allergist who will be sticking me with thousands of needles. (I don't mind the Dentist, but the allergist#%&*@!!) I plan to take Claratin & Benedryl before I leave the office.

The shampoo/conditioner will go overseas, the Crest Whitestrips to my son and the Carefree to the Food Pantry or overseas.

The consequence of going out is my feet swelled even worse than they already were. So the skin separated between my little toe and my foot on the bottom. I hate that. However, tomorrow at this time I will be well on my way to healing because the swelling will be down, allowing the skin to heal. My lungs aren't to happy either. Coughing to breathe always leads to bronchitis for me. I don't want to spend my summer vacation sick. See what greed will do to you!

The end of the June SCRs at Riteaid has passed so I requested my rebate. I will be getting almost $53.

My DS comes home for leave from June 30 until July 12. He will be shipping out for Afghanistan sometime between the July 14 and 18. So now we are back to the original time. Now that its getting close, I don't know how other families do it. I honestly want to cry. I will in private. My son can only handle me getting teary eyed.

Laughing at Life Part 3

June 27th, 2010 at 09:04 am

The plane landed in Memphis, TN, on a Delta airstrip. The older woman was taken to the hospital and as of a week after this happened she was alive. The Memphis airport was closed. Lucky them the new law was in effect. So the airport opened up a lounge for them and they were restricted to that area that included bathrooms. Thank goodness.

You might ask, why did they open a lounge? Why didn't they just turn the plane around and fly away? That would be to easy. First, they took an hour to fill out the paperwork explaining why they had an emergency landing. The next 2 hours were taken up with explaining why they landed on a Delta airstrip when they were too heavy for that airstrip. Duh?! Could it have anything to do with that was were they were told to land. The extra weight was due to fuel coming from California. So, due to government bureacracy they stayed in Memphis for 3 hrs.

Finally, they took off and landed at their connecting airport, Atlanta, GA, around 2am. For some reason, they missed their connecting flight to Washington, D.C. The previous 2 days had seen alot of storms that delayed and cancelled flights in Atlanta. They were informed that the earliest they could be put on another plane to DC was at 2pm. Having had enough, Stephanie's son got a rental car and drove them to DC. The trip took 10hrs by car. Normally it takes 11hrs. Oh, and they took a fast food/ bathroom stop.

In order to get your money back from AirTran you have to cancel at least 45mins before the flight. Stephanie called 30mins before the flight to cancel their tickets. She talked to an AirTran Customer Service rep and explained who she was, what she had done for the woman on the plane and their choice to drive. The CS rep asked her to hold for a moment and when she came back on the line was extremely pleasant and thankful. She thanked Stephanie profusely and not only refunded all 4 tickets fully ($189), paid for the rental car, had their luggage delivered at no charge to their homes, but gave everyone of them a free, no blackout, round trip ticket, good for 1yr to anywhere AirTran flies. Now that is what I call customer service.

By comparison, no one from SouthWest has called, texted, emailed or otherwise contacted my niece to see how her thumb is doing. Her thumb was sore and a problem for her during her whole vacation and the week after. When a guest is injured in your home you always contact them to see how they are. Its just good manners (and in the case of SouthWest good CS).

Looks like AirTran will be their airline of choice from now on. Considering how often Stephanie travels and my Niece travels, SouthWest has made a costly decision.

My Niece graduates from college this December with her Bachelors. My DSis & DNiece might use their tickets to fly to the Carribean the day after Christmas to celebrate. DSis is a CPA and January to April is her busy season.

So, alls well that ends well!

So Many Changes

June 25th, 2010 at 10:57 am

As my parents started downsizing they offered to me a set of antique furniture that has been in the family for over 160yrs. I love the furniture. But the bed is a double and just wouldn't work when I was married. So they put it in their spare bedroom. My mom's health is such that she sleeps in a hospital bed and dad has been sleeping in the spare room. Dad decided he wants to decorate the room to his tastes and so I just got the furniture yesterday minus the mattress. In the meantime, my kingsize went to the county dump. So now...

I have to buy a full size mattress and box springs. New would be more money. Used would be free or low cost but I've watch too much tv and the CSI black light showing stains keeps going through my mind and the bed bug thing just as bad. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! It will probably be new.

June 28, I have an appointment for torture. Yes, I am going to the allergist to be stuck with needles. I already know I have allergies. Heck, I've got the epi-pen to prove it. But, going without allergy medicine for 5 days before testing at this time of year is unpleasant. I can't go out during the day or my hands, feets, and throat swell up (makes it a little hard to breathe). Even inside my sinues and eyes are leaking. I might try to go out tonight, briefly, as nights are better. I am allowed the inhaler and if I get into real trouble I was advised to go to the ER, no epi-pen, uhmm, what do they think the ER is going to give me? Generous advice. I'm not lol.

My Son is through with training in California and there is no transport to bring them home. So although his leave is supposed to start June 29 they have no way home until June 30 or later. Lovely! I know I want to vacation in Death Valley, CA in summer with no a/c, amenities or swimming pool (NOT). They haven't had showers for 5 days. If I was the enemy I'd smell them at 300 yards. Young males especially are pungent in the heat when they go even a few hours without a shower, I can't imagine 5 days. Some afternoons the 8th grade hallway (in my middle school) stinks like something died after the boys have PE. Yuck! I consider it a blessing I don't work in that hallway in hot weather especially.

At least, he doesn't have plane tickets like some others do for June 29 leaving out of NC.

On a lighter note the library came through and I got Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich!

I'm also doing well with no sodas. Thats a nice cost savings.

Wednesday -

$1.97 5 pampers wipes (Afghanistan)
$1.17 10 protein bars (Afghanistan)
$3.00 7 Nivea for Men body wash
$9.00 1 summer shirt for me
= $51.55
- 9.85 pampers MQ adjusted to 1.97ea
- 10.00 Met-x $2/2 5 coupons
- 21.00 nivea for men MQ 7 x $3 (Foodbank/Echo)
= $10.70
+ 2.40 tax
= $13.10

I really like the shirt. Seventeen cents for a protein bar is great, not tax. Twelve cents for pampers is good, had to pay tax. Twenty-one cents for each body wash, tax.

Learning About Facebook

June 22nd, 2010 at 08:14 pm

So, I'm not the biggest techie in the world. Pretty much todays 8 yr old does better than I do (ok maybe a 5yr old but I'm getting better. lol). My wonderful niece is a Communications Major in College and graduates this December. Yes, this is the one who got her thumb stuck in Learning to Laugh. I need to finish that story in part 3. Back to Facebook. My DN is very good at Facebook, Twitter, etc (communications).

I've asked her to help me set up a Facebook page to promote AnySoldier.com and AnyMarine.com in my county. When 9/11 happened people sent letters and packages to the troops. Now with the conflict dragging on 9 years and financial troubles here at home, people have forgotten their initial support. Even if people are struggling financially, I believe they can afford a 44 cent stamp and send support in a letter.

People struggle with what to write. I understand that, but it can be as simple as who you are, what you will be doing this summer, and a simple thank you - you are not forgotten while serving in a foreign land.

Its hard for me to imagine them not having the basics like socks, so they can do their jobs. Or, need gatorade/electrolyte drink mixes to add to their water so they can stay hydrated in 100+ degree days daily with 60lbs on their backs and no way to get it. We take for granted a store to walk to or just get into our cars and drive to. For them, there is no store.

I know some folks don't support what we are doing abroad and I respect that. Being allowed to have differences of opinion is what makes this country great. The military goes where "We the people" send them. So, I believe they should recieve our support while decisions are made here in the US regarding their movements.

So, my DNiece is setting up the Facebook page for me with links back to AnySoldier.com and AnyMarine.com.
She had several ideas. One is to include local service personnel on the page with name and pictures. It makes it so personal.

My DNephew is an Eagle Scout with a Denali Award (which is an additional honor) and is going to mention at the next meeting to the area leader that perhaps the scouts could write letters this summer. I would include them in my packages. Or, they can send the letters if they want. Or, any combination of the two ways. I just hope they say yes.

My sister called me earlier today and said she would pay the $12.50 postage for me to send another box each week. My heart is overflowing. I love my family and their support.

I'm really excited about all these possibilities.

Oh, and I got a $100 gift card in the mail from a co-worker. "Thanks for all your help this year, use this to make your summer even better." It was so totally unexpected.

I feel so Blessed.

Busy Father's Day

June 20th, 2010 at 07:13 pm

Spent the morning, 8am to 11am shopping, etc.

I started off at Riteaid. I have about $60 worth of $3 coupons off Motrin PM. So $3 - $3MQ = $0. No tax on Motrin in Maryland. The SM decided that Riteaid doesn't allow a $0 total. Ugh! I hate SM that make it up as they go along. I'll call CS at Riteaid tomorrow.

Then it was on to Foodlion to get the freebees.
1/2 dozen eggs
1lb pasta
8oz cheddar cheese
2 can of manwich
= .59

Next of to Project Echo to drop off this weeks donation.

Next the Post Office to check the recycle bin.
2 ESPN Magazines
1 Sports Ill. Mag
Lots of Red Plum Inserts

Then I went home and dropped 1/2 dozen eggs on the kitchen floor. What a mess!!! Good thing cheese doesn't break.

Went to Mom & Dads for Fathers Day. It was great. The food was delicious. The company fantastic. I loved the card I got my dad. We have a tradition of passing cards around the table for all to read. It makes for a lot of laughter and smiles. If you truly don't want your card read, then don't bring it to the table, give it in private.

My only disappointment is my regular source of coupons didn't come thru for me this week and my back up forgot. Oh well, you take the good and the bad and make the best of it.

Blew My Budget

June 19th, 2010 at 02:30 pm

It is so easy to blow money at yardsales. I found one movie($1) and 31 (.25ea) beanie babies for Afghanistan. Also, 2 board books for my nieces. All told I spent $9.50.

I'm in my second day of no sodas so maybe it will balance out. How's that for rationalizing?

Today I plan to go through my coupon inserts to take out the expireds to mail overseas, recycle the left over paper and put the good ones in my, new to me, filing cabinet. Since I want to start the hybrid system I guess I will cut out 2-3 sets of each insert.

I was telling my SIL that I forgot to take a 3 ring binder from school that was headed to the dump. We laugh at school talking about locker diving (vs. dumpster diving) for school supplies. You would be suprised at the stuff the students throw out. Brand new unopened school supplies are trashed by them. We are a green school so we recycle, reuse, reduce. Classrooms have recyle your school supplies bins during locker cleanout. Amazing! Anyway, my SIL is clutter cleaning and said here, have this 3 ring binder and dividers. Yippee! Now I just need to get the baseball card holders to keep the coupons separated.

10 more days until my son returns from California.

Eggs, Cheese and Pasta 9 cents

June 18th, 2010 at 03:39 pm

Once a day until the 22nd I can get 6 eggs, 8oz chunk cheese and store brand pasta for .09. Foodlion, a grocery store in my area has store coupons for these items, making them almost free. After the 22nd, the eggs won't be free anymore. I will still be able to get the cheese and pasta for .09 until the 29th. I've done it twice so far, getting Colby/Jack & Swiss cheese and Garden Rotini and Fettuccine pasta. The eggs are just, well, eggs no variety there. I probably won't go again until Sunday when I go to Riteaid.

I've been doing the Drugstore game for awhile now. I am amazed at the opportunities for the Grocery store game. Combining the two has been incredible for me. And, I don't take advantage of alot of the deals out there. The more I give away the more seems to come my way expanding what and to whom I give.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to my first yard sale of the season. A little late since the season starts around here the first weekend of May, but better late than never. I'll be looking for dvd's for $1 to send to Afghanistan. DVD's sent to Afghan don't return, so it is a disposable purchase. Maybe clothes for my great-nieces.

Using FreeBiz and Slickdeals.net I've started subscribing to magazines that Marines will enjoy. The marketers who tract purchases will wonder about me. Flying(free), Maxim(free), Popular Mechanics($6)Men's Health($3), Glamour($3.50), Marie Claire($3) are ordered and I will be looking for ESPN, fishing/hunting, cars/motorcycle and a cheat sheet magazine subscriptions in the coming weeks. Each subscription is for 1yr. I might get a boating mag from Freebiz, we'll see. I wish I could afford People but it is out of my budget. I can also send the sports section of the Washington Post.

Unexpected Benefits to Helping Someone Out

June 17th, 2010 at 01:49 pm

I went with my coworker to Safeway to get items for sale for the Graduation Party. We got 8 cases of Deer Park water, 12 - 12pks of Coke Products, 2 lg bags of Tostitos, 2 lg bags of pretzels, and a couple of other small items. Her total, before the Safeway card was over $130. Her look was resigned, it was what she expected to pay. I gave her my Safeway card and she used the coupons to take her total down to $62. She was thrilled. In facted, she wanted to celebrate by going to Chick-fil-a for dinner. Save it, spend it is her motto.

After we went our separate ways, I stopped at Safeway to get gasoline as that was the cheapest in my area that day. I put in my Safeway card for the 3cent discount and it came up 10 cents off. Wow! How did that happen? I usually spend a few pennies to $1.25 each time I go. I finally figured it out. By letting her use my Safeway card, the order being over $50, gave me a 10cent discount. An unexpected benefit. $2.47 for gas around here is cheap. Yes, sirree, filler' up!