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Petulant Customer Service

June 6th, 2010 at 11:02 am

Good news, I hope! My sister works at a restaurant/hotel/marina complex. We were talking and I asked her if she would feel comfortable asking the hotel manager if I could have the Sunday inserts for any papers not used by the guests. Its the type of place that gives the paper to its guest for free. She said she would ask and didn't see it as a problem. My fingers are crossed.

I stopped at Riteaid this morning:

$7.00 (2) Old Spice BW 3.50ea (Food Pantry)
-3.50 B1G1 free

$9.89 (1) Gillete Proglide Razor (DS)
-4.00 $4 p&g coupon

$3.99 (1) Listerine Total Care MW (DNephew)
-1.00 $1 mfQ

$7.99 (1) Blink Tears (mom)
-2.00 $2 mfQ

-5.00 $5/$25 purchase Riteaid Store Coupon

$12.37 subtotal
.90 tax
$13.27 total

I paid with a Riteaid GC earned for the Allergy SCR

SCR's earned $7.99, $5, $3 = $15.99
Also earned a new +Up Reward of $4

So 19.99 - 13.27 = $6.72 mm/profit plus products
Excellent service!


$34.85 Total Cost
-23.44 Club Savings
- 7.35 Coupon Savings
= 3.51 Out of Pocket Cost

Originally the Out-Of-Pocket cost was $0.78. The clerk, started to shake and called customer service.

The customer service person who came over never introduced herself or greeted me. Nice service. She instead made a big show of gathering everything and saying I could not pay so little. Mind you that was before she looked at everything. As she looked at everything and matched them up she got agitated. Her self righteous attitude turned uncomfortable until finally she said ah-hah. You can't double this coupon. She added the doubled part of 4 coupons back in. Now 2 days ago a clerk had no problem with the same coupons. Hellooo, the matched part is paid by Safeway, not the manufacturer. But I decided not to argue about $1, but the ones for .75ea (2) I did. I felt legit about my use and issue. She said you can't get it for free and I said I didn't. The coupon is buy two items, which together cost $1.84 and the coupon doubled takes off $1.50, so I pay .17ea not free. First she held up two of the wrong items and was upset when I nicely pointed out she had the wrong items in hand, giving her the wrong total. Her answer was "look you are getting alot off and only have to pay $3.51." My thought is, "So? Why does she feel free to spend my money?" I just looked at her.

I dislike situations where people who don't understand coupons, aren't logical and then get mad when you nicely explain why their thinking is off or incorrect. I didn't say that to her, of course. She got in her mind a certain amount I should pay and wasn't going to deviate. Ughhh. She turned on her heel and left. I shook my head and paid, so in a sense she won, I suppose. You win some, you lose some. The clerk, meekly said have a nice day. I smiled and said thanks, you too. I guess she thought I would take her head off.

Guess what was in the mail I went thru when I got home? Coupons for more than $10.00 in free products from Safeway. I suppose its witchy of me to hope she is working that day. I could torture her by following the rules and still paying less than $1.

To be honest, I am considering contacting customer service. I try to follow the rules of each store. As they are all different, it is possible to make a mistake. Thats no excuse for her to be rude.

2 Responses to “Petulant Customer Service”

  1. Jaon.of.the.Arch Says:

    Safeway, SAFEWAY you say? I just want to get straight exactly which store's employees do not want to honor the rules of coupon multiplying that they themselves have set up. Safeway.

    Perhaps you could go to a store manager in person. If that does not get you an apology and refund, I'd like to hear that you've sent headquarters a postal letter with copies of the receipt, very clear explanation of what happened and request to refund to you the amount of your overpayment. Letting Safeway know that you are forwarding a copy to your attorney general's office might encourage them to educate their employees as to their own rules as well.

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Yes, Safeway. When you super coupon, as I call it, you get challenged. I accept that. Safeway due to their new union contract has alot, alot, alot of new employees in my area. They are mostly very young and not knowledgeable. Once people know me, like they do at CVS, RiteAid and GiantFood, Foodlion, I rarely get challenged. And, I like to keep my rep. intact. Giant changes their rules monthly, ouch. This blog has allowed me to vent my frustration. Its unlikely the new CS Safeway girl will bother me again, but it won't matter because my coupons are legit and my deals follow the rules. If it happens again, I will call a manager over. Usually I catch more flies with honey so I will probably let it go this time. But thanks for the support!

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