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Last Nights Wanderings...

June 5th, 2010 at 07:24 am

Stopped after work at the GiantFood in Edgewater. They don't have a spot for the .99 Reach toothbrushes, but they did have double packs from last Christmas priced at .99 hanging on one of those hanging thingys behind a freestanding cardboard Colgate display. Bingo! I scored 2 deals for a total of $8 OYNO and the cost to me was .24 after MQs.

Major mistake. This is where my Walgreens is located. I put away my Ecotrin $2 off MQ and did not bring them with me. Walgreens had restocked enough for me to score $30 in RR if the cashier had let me, but my coupons were at home. Don't let this happen to you. If the sale isn't over don't put your coupons away. I was really ticked at myself.

On to Safeway, I got:

.49ea 16 Mac&Ch
-8 .55/2 doubled

.75ea BC cake mix
1.09ea BC icing
-8 .75 doubled

total after coupons $1.76

A 96% savings.

The cashier was funny. She is really nice, but new, I've had her before a few times. She said "You use scissors to cut your coupons, that's a first." I asked her what other people do and she said "They just rip them out." I told her "I couldn't do that it might damage the barcode." She said "I know, customers get mad when I can't take them without the barcode."

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