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Blew My Budget

June 19th, 2010 at 02:30 pm

It is so easy to blow money at yardsales. I found one movie($1) and 31 (.25ea) beanie babies for Afghanistan. Also, 2 board books for my nieces. All told I spent $9.50.

I'm in my second day of no sodas so maybe it will balance out. How's that for rationalizing?

Today I plan to go through my coupon inserts to take out the expireds to mail overseas, recycle the left over paper and put the good ones in my, new to me, filing cabinet. Since I want to start the hybrid system I guess I will cut out 2-3 sets of each insert.

I was telling my SIL that I forgot to take a 3 ring binder from school that was headed to the dump. We laugh at school talking about locker diving (vs. dumpster diving) for school supplies. You would be suprised at the stuff the students throw out. Brand new unopened school supplies are trashed by them. We are a green school so we recycle, reuse, reduce. Classrooms have recyle your school supplies bins during locker cleanout. Amazing! Anyway, my SIL is clutter cleaning and said here, have this 3 ring binder and dividers. Yippee! Now I just need to get the baseball card holders to keep the coupons separated.

10 more days until my son returns from California.

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