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So Many Changes

June 25th, 2010 at 10:57 am

As my parents started downsizing they offered to me a set of antique furniture that has been in the family for over 160yrs. I love the furniture. But the bed is a double and just wouldn't work when I was married. So they put it in their spare bedroom. My mom's health is such that she sleeps in a hospital bed and dad has been sleeping in the spare room. Dad decided he wants to decorate the room to his tastes and so I just got the furniture yesterday minus the mattress. In the meantime, my kingsize went to the county dump. So now...

I have to buy a full size mattress and box springs. New would be more money. Used would be free or low cost but I've watch too much tv and the CSI black light showing stains keeps going through my mind and the bed bug thing just as bad. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! It will probably be new.

June 28, I have an appointment for torture. Yes, I am going to the allergist to be stuck with needles. I already know I have allergies. Heck, I've got the epi-pen to prove it. But, going without allergy medicine for 5 days before testing at this time of year is unpleasant. I can't go out during the day or my hands, feets, and throat swell up (makes it a little hard to breathe). Even inside my sinues and eyes are leaking. I might try to go out tonight, briefly, as nights are better. I am allowed the inhaler and if I get into real trouble I was advised to go to the ER, no epi-pen, uhmm, what do they think the ER is going to give me? Generous advice. I'm not lol.

My Son is through with training in California and there is no transport to bring them home. So although his leave is supposed to start June 29 they have no way home until June 30 or later. Lovely! I know I want to vacation in Death Valley, CA in summer with no a/c, amenities or swimming pool (NOT). They haven't had showers for 5 days. If I was the enemy I'd smell them at 300 yards. Young males especially are pungent in the heat when they go even a few hours without a shower, I can't imagine 5 days. Some afternoons the 8th grade hallway (in my middle school) stinks like something died after the boys have PE. Yuck! I consider it a blessing I don't work in that hallway in hot weather especially.

At least, he doesn't have plane tickets like some others do for June 29 leaving out of NC.

On a lighter note the library came through and I got Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich!

I'm also doing well with no sodas. Thats a nice cost savings.

Wednesday -

$1.97 5 pampers wipes (Afghanistan)
$1.17 10 protein bars (Afghanistan)
$3.00 7 Nivea for Men body wash
$9.00 1 summer shirt for me
= $51.55
- 9.85 pampers MQ adjusted to 1.97ea
- 10.00 Met-x $2/2 5 coupons
- 21.00 nivea for men MQ 7 x $3 (Foodbank/Echo)
= $10.70
+ 2.40 tax
= $13.10

I really like the shirt. Seventeen cents for a protein bar is great, not tax. Twelve cents for pampers is good, had to pay tax. Twenty-one cents for each body wash, tax.

1 Responses to “So Many Changes”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    Thats a nice hand-me-down! I have a 1920's wardrobe thats been in the family for decades.

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