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Eggs, Cheese and Pasta 9 cents

June 18th, 2010 at 03:39 pm

Once a day until the 22nd I can get 6 eggs, 8oz chunk cheese and store brand pasta for .09. Foodlion, a grocery store in my area has store coupons for these items, making them almost free. After the 22nd, the eggs won't be free anymore. I will still be able to get the cheese and pasta for .09 until the 29th. I've done it twice so far, getting Colby/Jack & Swiss cheese and Garden Rotini and Fettuccine pasta. The eggs are just, well, eggs no variety there. I probably won't go again until Sunday when I go to Riteaid.

I've been doing the Drugstore game for awhile now. I am amazed at the opportunities for the Grocery store game. Combining the two has been incredible for me. And, I don't take advantage of alot of the deals out there. The more I give away the more seems to come my way expanding what and to whom I give.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to my first yard sale of the season. A little late since the season starts around here the first weekend of May, but better late than never. I'll be looking for dvd's for $1 to send to Afghanistan. DVD's sent to Afghan don't return, so it is a disposable purchase. Maybe clothes for my great-nieces.

Using FreeBiz and Slickdeals.net I've started subscribing to magazines that Marines will enjoy. The marketers who tract purchases will wonder about me. Flying(free), Maxim(free), Popular Mechanics($6)Men's Health($3), Glamour($3.50), Marie Claire($3) are ordered and I will be looking for ESPN, fishing/hunting, cars/motorcycle and a cheat sheet magazine subscriptions in the coming weeks. Each subscription is for 1yr. I might get a boating mag from Freebiz, we'll see. I wish I could afford People but it is out of my budget. I can also send the sports section of the Washington Post.

2 Responses to “Eggs, Cheese and Pasta 9 cents”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    If you get too much eggs and cheese, you could always make up a few quiches and freeze them in meal portions for easy dinners.

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Good idea! I was thinking of hard boiling some eggs and having deviled eggs. Popular summer food around here! Jeff at $1 a day had a nice looking quiche.

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