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K-Mart this Week & Another Use for Snuggle

July 4th, 2010 at 04:59 pm

K-Mart this week is doubling the first 5 coupons of up to $2. So, for me that means, free Visine for the troops ($2.00+1.99=3.99,no tax). You have to use your Rewards card and can only double 5 coupons per day. But, I have enough coupons for 7 days X 5 coupons = 35 free Visine. The problem is they don't stock 35 Visine. Even using 2 stores, I won't get 35.

RiteAid is my favorite drugstore. I am about 300 points away from getting 20% off storewide in Riteaid. I now get 10% and I qualified for a free health screening. Its blood testing, I think, thru Quest Diagnostics. And, lucky me, they just opened a branch 8 miles from my house. I wasn't going to travel 30 minutes out of my way. The local Health Fair charges $35. Its free thru my health care, but only when justified.

I had a nasty reaction to the prescribed medicine from the Allergist. Don't laugh, but it gave me puffy eyelids and a black eye. Also, I slept 12-15hrs a day. I am definitely back on Claratin.

A strange, but true, idea. If you suffer during these hot days from wet feet (soaking your shoes with sweat) just put snuggle fabric sheets in your shoes to absorb the moisture. I guess, half a sheet would be enough. They taught my son this during desert training. Who would have thought!@#? He walked by my stock of snuggle, stopped and said send these to the grunts (infantry Marines). If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

3 Responses to “K-Mart this Week & Another Use for Snuggle”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That's nothing to laugh about with the allergy med, it can really lead to trouble for some people! I hope that you have a good provider, and good insurance, so switching back will be no trouble. (By the way, all the best to your Marine from a former FMF Corpsman of Marines...)

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