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Dinner with a Co-Worker

June 12th, 2010 at 08:11 am

I will refer to her as CW. CW came to my classroom and asked what I was doing for the rest of the day. I told her I was headed to Foodlion and the Walgreens. She said she was headed in the same directions for errands, why don't we combine errands and then catch dinner. While finishing work for the day she got a call from her realtor that there was a contract on her house. CW was over the moon. Its a short sale. She is so ready to move on. This will break her final tie to her ex. Her son, youngest, graduated last Friday. So her efforts to provide stabilityof the same friends and schools for her two children through HS is finished. Dinner turned into a celebration and I went with her to meet the realtor at the mall to sign the contracts.

On the way home, she mentioned the family and son's friend graduation party she is throwing at her ex SIL house for her DS. Early on will be family and later will be friends of son. She has very little money and asked me for ideas and if I would look into prices for her. Oops, another challenge, and, a short term one at that.

Of course, I hit my 1yr stash. I have a high impact/low cost plan in my head and we are going to sit down Monday afternoon to discuss and then write out a plan of action. This will definitely be fun.

We plan to go to Safeway after work, for their buy8get$4 off sale.

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