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Learning About Facebook

June 22nd, 2010 at 08:14 pm

So, I'm not the biggest techie in the world. Pretty much todays 8 yr old does better than I do (ok maybe a 5yr old but I'm getting better. lol). My wonderful niece is a Communications Major in College and graduates this December. Yes, this is the one who got her thumb stuck in Learning to Laugh. I need to finish that story in part 3. Back to Facebook. My DN is very good at Facebook, Twitter, etc (communications).

I've asked her to help me set up a Facebook page to promote AnySoldier.com and AnyMarine.com in my county. When 9/11 happened people sent letters and packages to the troops. Now with the conflict dragging on 9 years and financial troubles here at home, people have forgotten their initial support. Even if people are struggling financially, I believe they can afford a 44 cent stamp and send support in a letter.

People struggle with what to write. I understand that, but it can be as simple as who you are, what you will be doing this summer, and a simple thank you - you are not forgotten while serving in a foreign land.

Its hard for me to imagine them not having the basics like socks, so they can do their jobs. Or, need gatorade/electrolyte drink mixes to add to their water so they can stay hydrated in 100+ degree days daily with 60lbs on their backs and no way to get it. We take for granted a store to walk to or just get into our cars and drive to. For them, there is no store.

I know some folks don't support what we are doing abroad and I respect that. Being allowed to have differences of opinion is what makes this country great. The military goes where "We the people" send them. So, I believe they should recieve our support while decisions are made here in the US regarding their movements.

So, my DNiece is setting up the Facebook page for me with links back to AnySoldier.com and AnyMarine.com.
She had several ideas. One is to include local service personnel on the page with name and pictures. It makes it so personal.

My DNephew is an Eagle Scout with a Denali Award (which is an additional honor) and is going to mention at the next meeting to the area leader that perhaps the scouts could write letters this summer. I would include them in my packages. Or, they can send the letters if they want. Or, any combination of the two ways. I just hope they say yes.

My sister called me earlier today and said she would pay the $12.50 postage for me to send another box each week. My heart is overflowing. I love my family and their support.

I'm really excited about all these possibilities.

Oh, and I got a $100 gift card in the mail from a co-worker. "Thanks for all your help this year, use this to make your summer even better." It was so totally unexpected.

I feel so Blessed.

4 Responses to “Learning About Facebook”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    Interesting thoughts. And a very good idea at getting your campaign out there, facebook and the others are very good for exposure.

    My only advice would be to be very careful about the facebook page and any information you put on there. I know it's different as I live in Australia, but I have several friends and family members who are members of the navy, army and special ops who either don't have facebook pages or are extremely careful about what they put on there, as they can get in trouble if they post their mission/whereabouts/movements etc. Even innocent updates can be used for bad things if fallen into the wrong hands.

  2. Miclason Says:

    I agree, like anything else, the internet has great potential for good, but also for evil, depending on who's using it. If you can, use a p.o. box for the mail, for example, instead of a physical address...

  3. Elisabeth Says:

    I Agree with You Both. Their safety is number one. The page would only direct people to the page Anysoldier and AnyMarine. The sites carefully screen information and the Armed Services is aware of their site and helps them protect information.

  4. Jerry Says:

    When I was deployed it was nice to just hear little things about normal lives back home. One of my favorite letters I received was from a little first grade boy just talking about little boy stuff, and I wrote back to him from the field. It leads to better morale, and I like the suggestions above as insurance for safety and security on both sides of the communication.

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