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How Do You Get So Many Coupons?

June 10th, 2010 at 07:22 pm

My SIL is storing 2 chairs in my apartment for a week or two. My SIL's sister and husband helped transport and move the two chairs. As they walked by my dining room table they said "Wow, look at all those coupons." A conversation started and I was finally asked where I get them all.

My sources:
Sunday Delivery
Famiy - SIL, DB, DS, Mom
Friends/Friends of Family
Post Office/Mail

Sunday Delivery - We have always gotten the Washington Post. Sometimes I would cancel, cuz then they call with a good deal, but I was rarely without.

Family - It started with my mom. She and I would coupon together. I helped her put together deals that interested her. As she was unable to shop she passed along her inserts and those given to her by two friends. Then as I was putting together the Marine Project my DB said he might have a source. Turned out he did. I recently asked my DS, we'll see how that turns out - it may be hit or miss.

Friends/Friends of Family - Knowing that I send packages to the troops and give to the food pantry/homeless shelter, people will give me coupons, but this is hit or miss. By giving to me they are giving themselves. The more I have the more I can do.

Stores - Stores have and give out coupons. It might be smart source, peelies, a CRT, or a catalina. I admit to picking them up off the ground or out of an empty cart I am about to use. Most catalinas end up in the recyle paper bin, but some I use.

Magazines - pullouts and cutouts

Post Office/Mail - If I go in to mail a package or buy stamps, I look on the counters. People will leave them on the counters. I get some in the mail and family/friends will get them in the mail. They know I will use them and they probably won't. Safeway $10/$50 coupons I give to someone with a cart load of groceries as I rarely end with $50 after Safeway discounts and manufacturer coupons. They are happy and so am I, a win-win situation.

Other - There has to be an other but I can't think of what it is. Wait, the computer, duh. I sometimes print coupons. I am very picky and must know I will use it. I print out Riteaid coupons more than any other. Coupons.com would be a far distant second. Third would be from manufacturers themselves.

How you store your coupons is dependent on personal choice and the amount of coupons you have. Some folks can't miss a deal, I miss lots, some I am sorry to miss (blood glucose monitors), others not so much. I have decided to do a hybrid system. I am going to clip 3-5 inserts and keep in a binder and the rest I will use as whole inserts. I will use the whole inserts to clip for planned deals. The binder coupons to catch surprise/unadvertised sales and discounts. It will save on time and gas, I believe. Also, my home will be neater. Its amazing how quickly I can be overrun with items for donation and coupons. I should take a picture, but the shame would kill me. That said, progress it definitely being made.

Food Pantry Drop Off - Tuesdays at 6-6:15
Homeless Shelter - Sunday mornings
Troops - any day the post office is open
Box Tops+Campbells points-turned into the schools
Expired Coupons - sent to Marines in Japan
Remainder of Inserts - paper recycling

*Our County does not provide trash pick-up. We use an efficient, clean dump/recycling station. Every home was notified of the recycling program and that if percentages were not reached our taxes would go up substantially. The program has been so successful they have a hard time disposing of the huge bins quickly enough. We exceed all State standards and frequently are the No. 1 County in the State. No other incentive was needed, than "keep your taxes down, recycle."

4 Responses to “How Do You Get So Many Coupons?”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    Try a website called thriftyfun as another source. (Don't worry. You don't get junk mail and it's not a scam.) You can sign up for newsletters, though. You have to sign up for a free membership. After you sign in, click on coupons. You can trade with others. Because I don't really get a lot of coupons on my own, I offer to send people stamps for certain coupons I need. Also, try a website called couponkutters.

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Thanks crazyliblady! Our area doubles coupons, so we get alot of $1/2 instead of .50 or .55 that double. I would love, on some sales, to have someone to trade with that gets those. A friend in Florida said she barely gets coupons in her inserts, at least not like she did up here in the MD area so I might have coupons to offer others that they did not get. My next step was to look for a trading partner. You must be a mind reader. Bless you!

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