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Financial Movie Rating System

June 2nd, 2010 at 08:02 pm

How good is the movie? What would you/I pay to see it?

Order of Value:

Pay ? for IMAX 3-D
Pay 11-12 for 3D in Annapolis, Upper Quality Theatre
Pay 10 at Upper Quality Theatre,Annapolis
Pay 5 at local theatre matinee
Pay 1 at Redbox/Blockbuster Express
Pay 0 wait for it to be available at library
Pay 0 watch it on TV in a couple of years
Pay 0 never watch, or you pay me to watch

Although available, I haven't been motivated to drive an hour+ to do the IMAX 3-D. I will admit to thinking about it.

I've paid twice for 3D and been pleased. I wish they would credit you if you bring your own 3D glasses instead of making me/you pay each time.

I usually do the $10 Upper Quality Theatre with my sister. She can rarely do matinees. Doing Redbox with her is challenging because she usually falls asleep 1/2 way thru the movie, lol. She has to watch a movie a couple of times to see it all the way thru.

I prefer the $5 matinee since it is less expensive and rarely crowded. It also attract a different crowd.

My family and friends know my rating scale. So if they have seen a movie I just ask where it fits on the rating scale. I will admit that some movies are better on the big screen. Most do just as well in the dark on my 42" HDTV.

I saw Prince of Persia and for me, it was a $5 movie. I liked it alot. I hope they do a sequel. I understand 2 more are planned. I would definitely see it again on DVD.

2 Responses to “Financial Movie Rating System”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I prefer the matinees, but I am also a big believer in Redbox and the library. It probably helps that I love old movies too though, and the library is a great source for those!

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    I love, love, love old movie. The Prince of Persia reminded me of old movies. I think thats why I liked it so much.

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