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Lessons Learned...

May 18th, 2010 at 06:25 pm

I learned two couponing lessons today and one reminder. One, keep the order small when attempting free food, that way it is easy to correct and you will not spend as much money on mistakes. Two, keep up with store policy as regards coupons. Number two is more difficult at Giant Food as it changes weekly it seems. Reminder lesson, double check your coupon value before leaving home. I thought I clipped the $1/3 and it was the $1/4. Darn!

Giant Food

8 boxes of Zatarain's Rice
1 27oz can Seasoned Mixed Greens
2 bananas
8 2.5oz pouches of Bumble Bee Tuna
1 15oz can black beans, Giant brand
-21.67 store & manf. coupons
= 3.91 out of pocket

Had I done as planned I would have had .50 or less oop. I am still pleased with what I got for the money.

Tomorrow, when I go back I will do better.

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