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Trip to Riteaid

May 16th, 2010 at 07:05 pm

I had to improvise. Some things were out of stock or sold out. They only carry a few of each item, so my guess is sold out due to the sale.

My Allergy Gift of Savings has a short expirations date. The Fall GOS was for several months. Hence the rush to spend. Not many deals this week of next. Since I am starting my new project I looked on iheartriteaid.com to see the flyers for this week and next. The Allergy GOS has to be spent all at once so this is what I chose:

4 Hormel Compleats (actually very good)
2 24oz cans of Planters cocktail peanuts
(I have a blender that can turn it into peanut
butter, cool)
1 17oz Olive oil extra virgin
1 32oz Heinz white vinegar
1 18oz Sunmaid raisins
1 milky way miniatures (ok, not part of project)

Total 29.46
MfQ 3.00
5off25 5.00
GOS 20.00
= Total oop .41

I needed vinegar and wanted the chocolate. I had planned to get an additional raisin and some craisins. But, they were out.

I also stopped at Walmart and will tell about that tommorrow.

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