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1 Year Supply of Food

May 14th, 2010 at 05:51 pm

I have a 6mo-1yr(ok multiyear) supply of household and personal care goods. My next project is going to be acquiring a 1 year supply of food.

Most grocery stores keep a 3 day supply of food on their shelves.

Although not a Mormon, I've read that they are encouraged by their church to keep a one year supply of food. I forget the water amount but I think that is a year also. This food is for emergencies. That would include: weather, terror issues, layoffs, illness, disruption in services and any number of other personal and not personal emergencies. Seems smart to me.

To be honest, this recovery isn't much of a recovery and the chances of a double dip far out weigh the chances of a continued recovery in my opinion. Am I sounding paranoid, maybe, but my job depends on people on the Hill giving my State money to keep teacher jobs. So, better safe than sorry.

The food pantry will continue to receive donations and the troops will be an ongoing project. This is an add-on project. My goal is to acquire as much as I can for free using overage from coupons, sales and rebates.

I have 74 boxes of cereal. Overkill, I know. I got 70 this week for free using the Safeway sale, coupons and oyno coupons. At least 22 will go to the food pantry. As I get other boxes for free I will donate to increase my variety.

I got 7 cans(5oz) of tuna and 1 can(12.5oz) of chicken breast. I did pay .40 for the $2.12 can because cashiers at Walmart get antsy if you don't pay anything on a $20 order(I suppose you could divide the .40 by the 8 items I got). Safeway clerks seem immune.

Tomorrow I plan to get 2 scrubbing bubbles to spend the overage. For me, after tax that will be $1.12. I might do 2 orders. Yes, for a grand total of $2.24. There are 11 $5 off coupons left.

Looking at my Riteaid Allergy Gift Certificate, there is only 2 weeks left to use it. Grrr. Sunmaid raisins are on sale next week plus some other food items so maybe I'll work on the dried fruit end of my one year supply. This will take 3-6 mos as soups and oatmeal will not be on sale until fall. Just another project to teach me patience.

5 Responses to “1 Year Supply of Food”

  1. retire@50 Says:

    I have a many months supply of both food and water also. It gives me a feeling of security. The biggest problem is organizing, tracking and rotating it. I love finding recipes I can make using only pantry and freezer items.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    having that much stuff in my house would stress me out rather than make me feel secure! Big Grin funny how people are different like that...

  3. Jerry Says:

    Yeah, the Mormon faith has encouraged its members to have a storage of food and water for decades, and it is a good idea for anyone no matter what their belief system might be! You never know when a situation might lead you to need that backup, either for yourself or for a loved one. It's the best insurance for the unforeseen circumstances... but it DOES need to be stored out of the way, or it would be totally stressful, as whitestripe points out! =)

  4. elisabeth Says:

    I agree with the storage. I have a plan for out of sight, but not to far out of sight and easily accessible so I will remember to rotate. Otherwise it would drive me insane as whitestripe points out. In fact I had to plan the storage first knowing how it would irritate me.

  5. star paper editing services Says:

    Everyone should have a small supply of food, as this is a safety for our family, but such a large stock can just get spoiled and money will be wasted.

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