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Savings Totals for CVS/Safeway Deal

May 13th, 2010 at 05:34 pm

I don't keep track of my deals on excel or anything like that. I am careful and plan each deal. I stopped at CVS today since I was driving by. I scan my card at the coupon center everytime I go in.

This week, I keep getting $1 off CVS haircare. So, I buy the CVS shampoo or conditioner for $1 ea, use the coupon and pay tax. It will go to the food pantry.

My receipt showed my Extracare Card balance as of 5/10/10. Year to date savings $626.20 and spending $37.44 I believe some of that is a $25 gift card for a prescription transfer. My savings is 94.7%. Since I am not sure how tax fits into the spending part of CVS recordkeeping, it could be tax, but I don't think so.

Today my out of pocket was $.19 and .06 was tax.

$.49 5 cans of Bumble Bee Tuna
$3.69 1 Stayfree Max
$.99 1 CVS hair conditioner (kiwi, smells good)
Total $7.19

I decided to burn 2 ecb. My total ecbs right are to high. I don't shop at CVS the way I used to so 5-10 ecb are more than enough to rollover each month. I was at 22+. Next week canned chicken and salmon are on sale so I will probably buy some to further reduce my numbers.

Then I went to Safeway. I bought my allowed 20 boxes.

$1ea 2 boxes Kelloggs Cornflakes
$1.50ea 2 boxes Kelloggs Raisin Bran
$5 total
-$2 MQ (2 $1/2 boxes)
-$3 OYNO I keep rolling from different deals
= 0 out of pocket
plus I get a $3 OYNO

Did this 5 times for 20 boxes of free cereal. Rinse and repeat.

Two Raisin Bran went to Mom and I'll keep some Raisin Bran for me. The rest will go to the food pantry.

I considered getting 4 boxes of Cornflakes giving myself $1 to spend with each order for a total of $5. Maybe tomorrow. I have the coupons and I need some bananas, apples and broccoli. And, the food pantry is always in need.

6 Responses to “Savings Totals for CVS/Safeway Deal”

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  2. elisabeth Says:

    Thanks, but I have no debt, so I will not need your services.

  3. dmontngrey Says:

    Great job! Fun, isn't it? I insanely track everything in spreadsheets with my coupon shopping. I think I will pass the $3K YTD mark this weekend. Savings based on sale price, not shelf price. Smile

  4. yisave Says:

    Next year, I'm going to start a fund just for rebates, CVS etc to track it. I'm going to start out with $50 to $100 and replace it when I cash in the ECB and Wags Rewards.

  5. elisabeth Says:

    I didn't mention it in my post, but I have been doing most of my shopping at Riteaid so the totals for CVS were a surprise. I pretty much gave up CVS when they stopped the 5/25 and started shopping at Riteaid. Now that would be interesting.

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