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Carefirst Insurance Woes...

April 21st, 2010 at 07:21 pm

Carefirst paid the consult fee for the dentist who pulled my tooth. Now they are refusing to pay the same dentist that pulled my tooth (not the practice) saying she is not a participator in Carefirst. They confirmed she was 24hrs earlier. According to the practice they have written confirmation that she has been during the whole time period (24hrs).

I've heard of the racket of insurance companies saying stuff like that to hold onto the money longer and make the dr. wait and wait and wait, just so they can collect interest on the money a few months longer. This is my first experience with Carefirst doing this. Perhaps it is just a clerical error. Seems a little fishy when one day they are okay and the next (literally) all of the sudden they aren't. Luckily the dr office has said their insurance specialist will contact the insurance co and straighten it out.

Who needs this stress? It just confirms what I was saying about insurance customers costing the dr. more money than cash paying customers.

1 Responses to “Carefirst Insurance Woes...”

  1. Jerry Says:

    This is why I simply do NOT trust the insurance companies... yes, it could be a clerical error, but there is so much evidence of shady dealings that it leads me to assume the worst. I hope that the insurance specialist gets things worked out post haste!

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