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Cheap Natural Easy Mosquito Repellent

April 9th, 2010 at 09:20 pm

I hate mosquito repellents that are sprayed or rubbed on. And, citronella just doesn't work for me. I decided to find a natural way to repel bugs, including the mosquito. I am the mosquitos favorite blood draw. They pass up perfectly good meals to attack me en masse.

Sprays give me headaches and I don't like the sticky feeling they leave on me. I don't care what the manufacturers say its poison and your skin absorbs it into your body.

So after a long night of search I found something that has been 100% effective when used correctly. Vitamin B1 is a natural bug repellent. Oh, one might still land on you though I find even that rare, but they fly off in a huff, noses turned up. That is perfectly okay with me. I don't want to donate anyway.

So here is what you do. Take your normal daily vitamin in the morning. Then, 20 mins minimum before you want to go out, take a B vitamin complex. I suggest the B complex because people get to the store and see lots of different B vitamins and can't remember which. Just get the B complex, it works fine. After 20 min. although I like 30 mins. personally go out and have fun.

The only down side is that your urine will be a bright yellow (your body excreting the excess). But, that is a small price to pay to no longer be the feast of the party.

3 Responses to “Cheap Natural Easy Mosquito Repellent”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Wow, what a great tip... and it offers some insurance against bites without toxic chemicals! I, too, am a popular menu item for the mosquitoes in this area, and I hope that B-1 will be my saving grace this summer... and who cares if my pee is yellow! Nobody needs to see it, anyway. =)

  2. elisabeth Says:

    I live on a river with lots of marshes (pretty word for swamp,LOL) and went kayak most evening and never got bit. My sister went also and only got bit once when she took her B complex and went outside before it had a chance to get into her system. My SIL uses for camping as she is also a mosquite feast type person. Hope it helps you also.

  3. Miclason Says:

    Thanks for the tip! ....living in the tropics, it really is a matter of life and death! (hemorragic dengue fever???)

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