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$1 = 4 boxes cereal + milk

April 7th, 2010 at 03:57 pm

Food Lion has a special this week on Special K (haha). Buy 4 boxes at $2.50 ea = $10. I have 4 ($1) manf. coupons $10-4=6. Buy 4 and FL will take $5 of your order. $6-5=$1.

That was the deal I went in to get. I did not realize that the buy 4 Kellogg cereals get 1 gallon of milk free would overlap (until 4/10).

So, to my surprise and pleasure, for $1 I got 4 boxes of Special K and a certificate for a gallon of milk. Milk to go with my cereal, what will they think of next?

2 Responses to “$1 = 4 boxes cereal + milk”

  1. kristenintheislands Says:

    I'm jealous. Our milk is $4.50 for a half gallon and there is no such things has sales or coupons, let alone double coupons. Well I take that back, milk will go on sale the day it expires.

    I swear sometimes these blogs make me depressed. I would love to save the way some of you are able to.

  2. elisabeth Says:

    Here the day it expires is a sell date not the day it goes bad. Check the rules for your area. If it is still good, just freeze it. Also, for any recipe that requires milk just use powdered. Even if you add another tbs or so to add more flavor/nutrition it still comes out cheaper here. Every area has its own approach. I always envied people who could go straight to the dairy for $2 a gallon.

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