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Small Pox and other things

March 26th, 2010 at 08:55 pm

Grrr! I hate taking days off. I would have seen if the endodontist would see me later in the day if I'd known that the tooth can't be pulled out with that much infection in my tooth and surrounding area until I've been on the antibiotic for several days. In fact, the Dr. said here is my number, if the infection gets worse over the weekend I'll prescribe another antibiotic to go with what you are already taking. Gee thanks! He was very nice and I was nice to him, I just want it done and over with. Frustration.

So, I called my son to tell him about my tooth/infection and he said "Guess what? I have SMALL POX." He didn't yell the "small pox" but it reverberated in my head that way. I asked how and he said the Marine Corp gave it to him. WHAT? To be honest I still don't quite understand how this happened based on what he said but I will question him more tomorrow. I think (based on what he said) that he got it from the vaccine. They gave it to him 14 times. Huh? He seems to be unlucky enough to have developed a mild case of it(fever, tired, headache). Small pox can kill and it disfigures. He seems to be taking it seriously thank goodness. He promised not to pop the vesicle. They warned him it could spread if he pops it. I hope he doesn't scratch it in his sleep. Sound like a mom don't I? I will be saying alot of prayers.

Time to distract myself (or I will drive myself crazy with worry). Giant Food's sale this week includes Reach toothbrushes for .99 I have coupons for $1 off so I can complete the soldier project toothbrush collection this week for the price of tax. Hoorah!

I am officially done with body wash, toothbrushes and dental floss. I'm half-way done or better with deodorant and q-tips. I'm a third or better with toothpaste, wipes and razors. I'm still holding out hope that I will be able to give each soldier their own package of razors and not break the packages up.

So it was a great day at Target and Walgreens. No so great of a day at the dentist and speaking to my son.

5 Responses to “Small Pox and other things”

  1. cptacek Says:

    Oh my goodness. Keep us updated on how your son is doing!

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    WTH?! Smallpox is supposed to be eradicated from populations, isn't it? (Only kept in labs)A nd the Marine Corps is experimenting with an active form of it, virulent enough to cause poxes?! Is he hospitalized? I think I would have the phone number for my senators and congressional representative at the ready if I were you. This does not sound like legitimate protective vaccination to me. I suppose the Marines would defend that they are trying to keep prepared in case someone should deliver smallpox virus as a weapon, but to intentionally give your son 14 doses of it?! Are they trying to titer just how much the must give in order to overwhelm the immune system?!...Is your son new to the Marines?... I hope your son can call you frequently to tell you how he is, where he is, and what is being done for him.

  3. elisabeth Says:

    The Corps gives them all kinds of vaccines. Small pox was eradicated and then there was an outbreak, I believe in Africa, in the last few years. I think they gave him the vaccine and when it did not show up in the titer they gave it to him again and again. Well, its shown up now. He's been a Marine for a little over a year. I looked smallpox up in my microbiology book last night. He's had chickenpox which is related to smallpox and cowpox, that should help build immunity faster. I called this morning and got his voicemail(Sat), I will keep trying.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Yep, all military members, especially those going overseas get the small pox vaccine.

    I remember my husband had the vaccine 5 years ago. He had to keep the injection site covered for over a week until the area cleared up. My understanding this was normal! It is to be for their protection should the 'enemy' use it against them.

    I sure hope your son recovers quickly.

  5. elisabeth Says:

    Thanks Creditcardfree. As the mom, I am more worried than he is. He's just uncomfortable, like when you get the flu vaccine and get a mild case of the flu. I guess since it took 14 times to get it to "take" he got a mild case with other symptoms. He always has to do things the hard way. Its his nature.

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