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Good Shopping & Delivery Day

March 24th, 2010 at 06:00 pm

I left work on the dot. Very unusual, but necessary. The food pantry donations had to be dropped off. Lucky for me someone was there to accept everything.

Then off to CVS. A very good day.

4 Stayfree Pads
1 box of Kleenex tissue
1 green bag tag
= $16.74
-2 ecb
-2 (2)$1 Stayfree MQ
-7.38 (2) BOGO Stayfree MQ
-4 CVS $4/2 Stayfree
-1 CVS $1 Allergy Relief
= .46
Got back 8 ecb

I paid 2 ecb + .46 oop to get 8 ecb. Yea!
Plus I got a raincheck for the Olay deal. I can use at my leisure.

Off to Walmart. Got 3 cans of Maxwell House coffee for SIL dad. 34oz size for his employees and customers.

6 x 3 = 18 - 3MQ = 15 oop for her.

A Tightwad Gazette trick to extend your coffee budget in a heavy drinking household/business is to put regular amount of coffee in first pot and for second add another coffee filter to first and 1/2 the normal amount of coffee to make a pot and brew as usual. Works great unless someone who is not thrifty catches you in the act. LOL. In the interest of disclosure, I don't drink coffee. However, my ex drank it this way for months and was very happy until he caught me in the act. Not a thrifty guy at that point.

Off to bank to deposit Riteaid Rebate Check and Olay $15 rebate check. Love checks in the mail! Keepem' comin'.

Next to Safeway. Did the Suave Deal:

4 Suave Body Wash for Men
$5. $1.25ea wyb 4
-2 (4) .50 MQ
-3 oyno (from doing deal yesterday)
= .30 tax oop
got back (2) $1.50 oyno Catalinas

Rinse and Repeat (LOL)

Someone else made that comment on SD and I've been looking for a chance to repeat it. Body wash will go to food pantry. I have 38 for soldier project already.

Stopped at the library to return 3 things and picked up 4 books on hold. I bought a paperback for .25 (library fundraiser).

I've been thinking about doing paperbackswap. Does anyone else do it? How is it working out for you? Do you find postage prohibitive?

And, finally, home sweet home!

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