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Deciphering Receipts

March 20th, 2010 at 09:50 pm

I stopped at Food Lion today. Uncle Ben's rice was supposed to still be on sale so I wanted to get some. They always have unadvertised sale items so I looked around. Further up the aisle were BOGO Light n Fluffy egg noodles. And there were peelies for $1/2, so I got 4.

5 Uncle Ben's Rice $1
4 Light n Fluffy $1.76 BOGO

$9.75+7.04=16.79 - 4.75 (UB sale) - (5)$1MQ rice - 3.52 BOGO - 2 (2)$1/2 = $1.52

Life is an adventure when couponing. The rice was not on sale anymore though the tags were still up and said sale until 12/23/10. So the manager came over and adjusted the price. In doing so somehow an extra UB rice got added on. I knew the math was wrong when I owed $3+. I know what I owe before getting to register most times. I didn't want to hold the line up more than I already had, I paid. The receipts from FL are confusing at best. I finally took it over to the Customer Service desk and said look I know something is wrong and I was overcharged. I explained how I knew, they agreed and then took 5 mins. to decipher the receipt and figure out what happened. Good thing I had the time. The CS folks looked at me several times like "you got a great deal, why do you care about $1.75?" Its the principle of the thing and also its my money and I'm not a good steward of it if I don't take care of it. Plus I can do alot with $1.75 for my goals. I got my refund and moved on.

3 Responses to “Deciphering Receipts”

  1. Homebody Says:

    It IS the principle of the thing! Besides a lot of rich people I know are still penny pinchers! DH was just telling me a new story about one of our partners, a retired doctor, who was telling DH about finding coins on the ground and getting excited about it!

  2. elisabeth Says:

    I was stopped at a red light and looked out the window and saw a dime. It had been there so long it was sunken into the asphalt. I wondered if I had enough time at the light to dig it out. LOL. I still laugh at myself over that one. And, no I did not attempt to dig it out. I suppose it is still there. Hmmm!? Maybe its not to late. LOL!

  3. Homebody Says:


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