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$219 for 2 New Tires

March 17th, 2010 at 05:28 pm

As I was about to get into my car to go to work I noticed my front right tire was flat, flat, flat. Ugh! Once more, FLAT! On my way to work. Darn. Lucky for me, I leave early for work and my brother loaned me his truck and even took my car to the shop to get the tire fixed. A blessing on him! Thank you DB. His truck is a monster double cab double bed, double long, whatever you call it. Whoa! I drive a Ford Focus. Big change. The truck is such a smooth ride. Going 60 felt like 30. Not a good thing for me. I hate tickets. I had a Camry before the Focus and the smooth ride cost me a few tickets over the 14yrs (320,000 miles)she lasted. I loved that car. She was one of the last off the boat from Japan.

The shop said I needed 4 new tires to replace the unrepairable flat. He recommended a mid-grade tire to replace my "cheap" tires. Unfortunately for him, he said it with an air of superiority and I was unable to resist saying I had purchased them at this shop. LOL! The flat was due to a nail, not cheap tires. I chose the tires because my car was almost is 7yrs old at the time not 3yrs old. I replaced the transmission recently but I'm not replacing an engine. That will mean a new to me car. If I get 5 more years out of my car I will be ecstatic. But, realistically, probably not. So, only 2 tires.

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