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28 packages by July 2010

March 9th, 2010 at 05:07 pm

My son deploys to Afghanistan in July. He calls me a super shopper. I asked how I could help his platoon. We decided on personal items to take overseas. Since I work in a middle school, we are turning it into a project for my students. I will pay but they will help me shop and distribute the items into 28 bags. I take pictures to show them next year of the US Marines getting their bags.

(3) John Frieda Shampoo @$5ea
(2) Almay eye makeup @$7.49 B1G1F
=$22.49 + tax
- $5/20
- $4 (2 MQs for almay)
- $9 (3 MQs for JF Shampoo)
= $5.54 oop
$5 JF rebate and $5 almay rebate
Profit $4.46

(1) J&J buddies soap (don't tell USMC).99
(1) Satin Shaving Cream .97
(2) Gillette 8oz body wash $1.79
(1) Reach J&J dental floss .97
(1) Cottonelle wipes .97
= $7.48 + tax
$1 J&J MQ
$1 Satin Shaving Cream MQ
$4/2 Gillette body wash MQ
$1 Reach J&J dental floss MQ
= .95 including tax
I was a little uncomfortable because I kept trying to get the clerk to adjust the coupons and the manager kept saying push them through. Oh Well!

Walgreens (Didn't work out as planned)
(3) reach J&J toothbrushes reg. $4.19
@ 5.01 with store coupon. I then used a B1G1F MQ and a $1 MQ coupon. My out of pocket was $1.03 (including tax)

Riteaid (my mom is severely disable so I shop for her)
(2) Gillette body wash @4.99 ea
(2) Gillette deodorant @4.00 ea
(2) Almay makeup @7.49ea B1G1F
= $25.47 + tax
- 4 Almay 2MQ @ $2ea
- 4 Gillette Deodorant $4/2
- 4 B1 Deo get Body wash free
- 4 B1 Deo get Body wash free
= $5.70 (including tax)
Get back $2 Deo and $5 Almay rebates.
(I know the clerk messed up but, oh well!)

Thanks to southernsavers.com and slickdeals.net for helping me to assemble these deals.

2 Responses to “28 packages by July 2010”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Elizabeth my son-in-law is a sergeant in the Marine Corp, stationed at the Air Station at Beaufort, SC. He is also apparently deploying in July. I say apparently because he was supposed to deploy Jan/Feb, but they put it off to make sure his eyes (juvenile macular degeneration) had not progressed. It hasn't. He was sorry he did not get to go with his group. He was in Iraq July 2006-February 2007.

    I think that is such a great idea about the personal care items. I had such fun at Christmas mailing so many packages to military from anysoldier.com. I need to get into the habit again.

    God bless your family.

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    What a wonderful idea! My brother was a pain when he was in the Army (out last summer). He would not allow us to send any packages to him. He didn't quite understand that we WANTED to and it was as much for those around him as it was for him. I don't understand what his problem was. Frown

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